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It’s good.

I really love this app. It helps me with editing my dolls, which normally have deadpan expressions. I use it daily. I am a subscriber and pay my monthly subscription without batting an eye because it is that important to my work. My only complaint is the lack of updates and new functionality. I would like them to create more facial expressions. We have smile, but it would be nice to also have a frown. What they have done is amazing but I would love them to tackle more facial expressions. To build an emotional database that would allow me to give emotions to my deadpan dolls to tell a story that makes them feel a little closer to real people. Also on an opposite note, can you make the teeth whiter on the smile function? I have to use another app to correct that in post.

Doesn’t work

Everytime I put my face in a filter it discolors my lips to have white spots, making it look like I have cold sores.

Soooo many ads

There are a ton of ads every time you do a face there’s at least two ads and it’s always the same ad🙄

This app is a savior but some small issue

-This App is a Savior! But One Small Issue- FaceApp fixed a very important picture I took with a close friend of mine. I made an awful smile but it was able to fix it pretty well. Sadly the amount of free features are quite small. This app uses the subscription model which I personally dislike. Investing in a subscription to use only a couple more “premium features” is not good and is kind of a waste. I would much prefer if it had one time payments to get like a pack of filters, that would better than wasting money on a renewable premium/pro version. Many app developers are on the subscription bandwagon for their apps, and by doing this, it gives off bad vibes that shows they’re not passionate in making quality apps that we use and are in it just for the money. Locking away features that make the app what it is and what it’s supposed to do behind a renewal paywall. It makes the app disappointing and ruins the image by making it look like a cheap cash grab. All and all this app’s basic features are still good if you need to fix a picture or something. -Suggestions- - More features for free users so they can have a decent experience with the app before upgrading (maybe add a couple wacky filters too, for a small taste of the pro version) - More premium features to make it seem that its worthwhile to upgrade (there’s only like 7 extra filters, make more interesting ones! So I “The Consumer” can be amazed!) - Make the app more clean and have a better feel that I’m using something of quality (ads are okay as long as they’re not intrusive to my experience) - Change to a one time purchase for the pro version that’s reasonably cheap (this suggestion a long shot; if needed I’ll explain more) -Comment- - Some apps I use have ads that bait me into other games/apps like these. They usually disappoint by having none of the features shown in the ad or very little without some subscription. consider some of my suggestions Dev maybe you can make your app/s more appealing to a wider audience. By heightening your standards and upping the quality of your app/s for a user friendly experience. Ps - Once I get an updated dev response I’ll raise back up the stars (I just want to make sure you’ve read my new suggestions) Once you read this I’ll be glad to update the review to further explain some things! (if needed) BTW I still have the app installed and use it from time to time.

Female to male and male to female

I love playing with FaceApp sometimes but when it comes to switching genders, it’s really frustrating. Females made to look like males also age a lot and get gray hair and wrinkles. Males changed to females usually turn out looking like teenagers or very young. There needs to be some consistency. I gender transformed Kim K. and Angelina and they looked ancient. The guys fared way better. Please look into whatever formula does this and adjust it. Thank you.

Face App Review

I give this app 3 stars because it’s pretty good. But they have a lot of adds in the middle of the effects and it’s annoying. But overall it’s a fun app.


For the price of this app it doesn’t provide as much as I thought it would. It’s a total ripoff honestly I am very discussed for the fact that it doesn’t offer with this package deal a refund if your not satisfied and it tricks you into believing you are able to create a lot of different types of different styles and features with different faces, not so. This is what disappointed me. I am not happy with the product.

My sis Miss Ellie

This was so much fun after I got the hang of it.😂


It's magic ...


Poli app wowwww 😍😘😘😘❤️

Having fun with this app

Love how we can add make up or look younger. It would be cool if we could do both. Maybe that’s in the upgraded version?



Face app

It is fun to use and easy to access!

Made me cry

I looked like my dad and my grandfather! I really love this app and how it makes everything work is beautiful...

Why collage mode only?

I want to have the full size photos for all of them


I purchased this today and paid the $20 lifetime fee. This app doesn’t do half of what I was hoping it would do. I wish I could return it as I do not think I’ll ever use it. I have another app that works better. I only bought it because a lot of the fun games on FB that improve your pic are supposedly powered by FaceApp. Yet, these options aren’t available in the app. 😡 What a waste of $20.

I don’t usually play it

I love this app i will now play it a lot I’m sorry for not really playing it and I really like this that I’m reviewing

Hell yeah

This app is bomb! 5 stars baby!

It’s good but

Why are some of the filters available in montage mode? I want to use some but it’s only available in montages and I don’t think that’s fun. Please make them available without them being in the montage.

Just need all skin

Fun, great app. But it needs to include neck, chest, arms. Any skin in a ‘bust’ pict. Just weird as the face only.

I have to buy it a second time?!?!

I already bought this and even though it’s in the cloud, I have to buy it a second time to get the features I already purchased?!?! That’s a rip off.

Easy app ...

Great results!!! Thank you.

New filter

I think there should be a hair option for people who are bald so you can see what they look like with hair.

Super fun to play around with, but has some big flaws

My biggest complaint is the “male” filter, I used to mess around with my friends and see what we’d look like as boys, lol, but now it just looks, well, terrible. It morphs the face and makes the skin uneven, the eyes have bags and it looks so unrealistic. If you don’t believe me take a pic of a boy and use the filter on him, it makes them look 40 years older and deformed. Pleaseee fix this. Everything else on the app is perfect, put as much effort into the male filter as you do in the female one. The female one is amazing and as are the other ones excluding anything that attempts to make you look male.

From 1 stars to 5 star.

When this app came out, it was truly amazing. One of the best apps I've ever used for photoshop. I gave it 5 stars. However this last update, ruin it. You can easily see the impact the update had. For instance,before the update, I took a picture of a friend, she was not smiling on the picture, so I used this app to edit a smile on her. And it came out natural and most importantly real! Since the last update came in, I immediately notice something was off. But couldn't put my finger on it. So I decided to test this new update, on my friend's picture again ( the original picture), and photoshop a smile on my friend's picture once again using this new update— But to my disappointment, the smile no longer look real (and all the other features look’d fake too). With this newest update, you can easily tell the pictures are photoshop. Please let us go back to the way it was before this new update, and I will gladly give it 5 stars again! EDIT: A new update came in again and it's much so much better! Raised my one star review to four (4) stars. Although the update it's not perfect, I'm very pleased. Would recommend to friends. EDIT EDIT: Yet another update came in and I love the new features added, I love the update so much, had to raise my 4 stars to 5 stars.

Fun and easy to use.

All it asks for is access to camera and photos. A few minutes of entertainment.

Where's the ethnicity filters???

I saw people posting pictures of them changed to other ethnicity, thought it would be super fun to try it out on my own so I downloaded this app. Yet I'm disappointed to find the filters gone... I understand doing business you should make money, but ads do pop up every few minutes which is mildly annoying.... I like half of the filters but the gender changing related ones are really off... Hope I can see some improvements, otherwise I'll have to say goodbye to this app...

Good but not able to edit multiple faces

I’m usually able to find a natural looking edit between the impression and the wave filter. However, i would really love to be able to edit multiple faces without saving and reloading. Also, it would be nice to select a face that the app doesn’t find. Usually. It’s doesn’t find the face of someone with a hat... sometimes it misses a face of someone in a group shot.

I love the face app

Is asome

Loads of fun- it’s like time traveling! Ok

Loads of fun


Am I only able to have sweaty-looking garbage bangs? Also, the smile is *terrifying* Nice interface and quick, so there’s that.

Face App

This is the best app ever

Face app

I love this is app it is funny my brother loves the app thank you for making this it is the best


I bought the pro version to find out it’s pretty much the free version. I want a refund.


This is so much fun.

Ads ads and more ads

I found the app to be mildly enjoyable at first, then after using the app for five minutes and watching close to ten ads I was pretty over it.... I can’t remember the last time I was able to download an app without being spammed by ads. I get that people gotta make a living but this is ridiculous. I think having ads in the corners would be fine but having ads disrupt you ever 30 seconds or so gets old fast.

Fun face

This is fun Juggalos try it


Love this for Instagram. Love choice of two makeup settings.


Do not download

Need more

Need more things to make fun faces it’s ok but nothing to write home about.

Can’t find how to unsubscribe


Worth it if you like easy photoshop

Fun app, better for a one time purchase of $20


I rated this a four star rating cuz it made my dad look like a baby instead of a gurl it was king of funny


I enjoy the app but please add an option to adjust the filter opacity (impression filter) because sometimes it can look very fake depending on the photo. If you guys have ever seen a makeup app you will know what I’m talking about there is a slider which you can tone down the filter opacity to however much you need. I think this will solve the problem of filters looking too fake. Also at the moment When I upload a 2 person photo I’m not able to select which persons face to apply the filter on. Otherwise this app is almost perfect.

Don’t buy

Waste of money wish I never got it. You can’t touch up your pics at all.

Face ap

Fun but not too useful

This app is pretty amazing except.

It really only works best for white people bd Hispanics. Not black people that are dark skin. It even looks natural on my white friends which amazes me. But not me but I the Hollywood effect works and looks great on me I wish I could use a full body pic and use the Hollywood effect photo on all my pics and post them but right now the app only does selfies and not full body imaging.


Don’t really know how to use it

Love the app ... but ...

It’s a little buggy today. It’s been hard to do any Faces. Is there a system update going on?

Picture Quality has changed

A few months ago this were different and looked great. Recently colors are off, focus, lines, blurry, smudged looks. And it doesn’t recognize faces or capture pics with subtle light shadowing when eyes are open to . In addition, it recognizes women as men as opposed to a woman and the the only option is Hollywood. If it is a paid app, then the options should be more than the one. Perhaps an update can fix the issues.

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