FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations App Reviews

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Removed feature?

I paid money for this app and you removed the ethnic filters. Bring it back or give me a refund!


Fun with this app😅.


I enjoy it

A review

Uh can you add like a bigger collage




Cool app

Im in love

i cant breath

How to cancel after purchase

Okay, this app is great, but after purchasing the 30 pro version I'm unsure how to cancel if I decide to after 30 days. How about an enlightenment

Female to male

I Look just like my Dad

They removed the race filters

I downloaded the app for the funny race filters but the decks pussied out and caved in to pressure from SJWs






Much better than I would have thought

Good but could be better

Would love for the app to offer more different faces without buying the app first then offer after at least 10 filters.

Very bad

Not worth paying a peny

It's good

It's been good to me so far... let's see how well it continues

I do not want this app and I'm being charges!

I do not want this app and I'm being charges!

Love it

Works great


This app is awesome




very fun app


I paid to have the watermark removed, and now the update has turned it back off with no way to remove it after I took the photo. I had to go into the settings within the app, and retake the photo.

Good app, but...

It often lowers the quality of images when you save them, sometimes drastically. It's very irritating, but other than that it's a great app.

App is mediocre at best

Not enough filters or styles. Need more options besides the 6 or so that they have.


This has horrified me- in the best way possible. I have made trump a woman (you need to try it) and I made my mom a man which made her look way older then she actually was so she got ticked when I showed her- but it's INCREDIBLE and you need to get this app👌👌




Very accurate


Super fun

Very fun and good !!

Absolutely great app I really like it ! I like the realistic looks.


Truly amazing. Shockingly accurate. Looking at yourself as the other gender is quite fun. No cons. Perfectly Perfect. Whoever made this is GENIUS!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️

Good but limited

It what it can do is amazing but it seems there are things that they intentionally disabled and I don't like that part. I hope someone else make something like this without intentionally blocking the features.

Magical app!

This app is amazingly great! I just wish that the male and female filters were the full picture



Amazing app

Life like transformations- amazing. Only wish they would bring back the race option. It would make it so much better as I never really got to use it


i love this app!! it cheers me up when im feeling a bit down with its funny filters! keep it up guys!!!


Ages my grandkids older than me. I love it!


Old. Jason


Fun to mess around with

Great photoshop app!!


The cooler app I bought!!!

Congratulations!! I Want the options that are only in collage to be in normal mode. And to recover the option to remove the logo from the pics!! Thank you guys!!!

Enjoying this!!

I really love the versatility of this app,and I like the progress of the apps evolution!

Great but needs work

I don't know how to concretely define it and if I were to concretely define it I would expect to be paid for it but I would have to say that that the ux isn't terribly intuitive.

Very cool app

Any plans to add more styles to the pro edition? I think trying out (more) hair styles would add a lot of practical value to the app, esp radical changes like shaved, long to short, blonde to dark etc


Super hilarious

I like it

Face app yeah

Rip Off!

After purchasing you no longer have ads - but you only have a half dozen options for playing with/editing your photos. A kid's photo app would have more features! Yes, stamp my forehead "SUCKER"!


Thanks for improvements

Nice app

I didn't have to buy anything and still does so many things. Love this app

I wanted the racial filters

One star until you bring back the racial filters. I'm sick of this PC BS.

Just great

hilarious app

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