FaceApp: Neural Face Magic App Reviews

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Very nice app,but if they can open all the other options it will be very very interesting

Face app

So fun and aproperate


I like it really cool but the ads don't work for the extra stuff


It's so funny and cool you can do it on anybody 😄😄

race change was cool

everything else on this app can be done with a mirror

Enough with the ads

App works great. But every 15 seconds have to watch a video.

Your ad will play after this ad

If you like ads, check this app out. You can even watch ads while you wait for your ad to load between loading ads of ads. ADS!!!!

Nice, but expensive

I love the features and wanted to buy the paid version, but the pricing scheme is far too expensive. As of this review, it stands at: $1.99/monthly $9.99/yearly $20/one time For the features offered, at best, is worth a third that. It's not worth the subscription since the available filters are extremely limited and rarely, if ever, updated. I wouldn't pay for a subscription that barely gets used and nothing more than a once time $6.99 payment. The innumerable ads are a giant minus. Sorry devs, it's a nice little app, but not worth the ridiculous price you're asking. There a ton of better and free options out there.

Lots of fun

Loads of fun. Give it try.

Awful experience

The app has so many intrusive ads it makes the use of the app almost impossible. These are huge ads. The o my way you can get rid of them is by interacting with them. You are forced to play games to close it. Big money for the developer(s) since they get paid for every time a user taps on them. This also explains why to remove the ad, it cost $20 (TWENTY DOLLARS). They make a lot of money from those ads you have no choice but to tap. They lose that money if you remove them for the standard buck. They want you to keep the ads by discouraging you from removing the them. If they make the price unattractive, you won’t upgrade. This app is not about creating delight for users, but to financially steal from everyone. Deleted.

Not worth $1.99!

I feel like I was taken advantage of. Not worth it. There's so few filters and after a short time I was bored with it.


Good app but def NOT worth the $20 upgrade. You really don’t get much for the $20. Never seen an upgrade this high. I fully regret for paying the $20. Don’t make same mistake as me.

So fun!

I saw myself old and I look like my mom and my daughter looks like her grandma on both sides hahahha



Ads every 6 seconds, little content

This was the app not that long ago a few people put up a big stink about that "you can make people look like a different race, oh no!" So they had to take away the harmless fun and make it rather generic. Ads pop up every few seconds, or filter choices, and on the better ones you can stop after 5 seconds. You can use the largely underwhelming pro filters that take up most of the choices (for free after another ad). Tired of the ads yet? You can starve them off for a month if you pay $1.99. Or forever if you want to pay $20! I know the stigma is that iphone users are more loose with their money, but nothing here is worth either. Just try it for 5 minutes, get the image you wanted from the collage part because that's what all the filters want you to use, and then delete because your storage is more precious than what this takes up.


Excelent App

Love this app, but...

It would be better if they brought the filters that allowed someone to change their race. It could use more filters on top of that, too.


Thanks for your app its very wonderful


Looks better than I do in reality! Looks fun to play with!

Works most of the time

It’s interesting to see the different filters! It gets confused on some kid faces, but you can get an idea of what they might look like when they’re older which is cool!


I love this app it’s so cool

Too Much Fun

Got the app to mess with selfies of myself and my young daughters. It has provided lots of fun. Surprisingly, the favorite in our family is to make a crazy face and then add the smile. You get some awkward, but hilarious, results. To the devs, keep up the great work. To the masses, get it for fun and entertainment. It is a phone selfie, not a professional photo shoot. Don’t buy it expecting it to deliver the later.

I like it

Face app yeah

Bring back the race filters

I didn't think they were racist... They were funny. I'm glad I got to do it once before it was removed. You would have gotten 5 stars if you had the filters 😛

Love it

This application is fine and good


Very Nice 👍👍

Yeah .... good

Just Please reduce the price




Love this APP.... Thanks!

Great app

Really fun experience

Was a fun app until full screen ads disrupt it

As my title says, this was a fun app. But now once you get started some endless full screen ad pops up and you have to kill the app, making the whole thing useless.

Edited review, problem has been rectified

The app works fine but making the ability to cancel the pro version hidden and impossible to do is unacceptable. Edit: their customer support had reached out to me and it was fairly easy to do. It's tied to your apple acct settings directly. Thanks for the help


It looks a lot like you but old or young and more features

Didn't work

It would not take a photo. It kept saying "only your face should be in the photo" no matter where I positioned it. Maybe it doesn't work if you have a beard? Deleted immediately. Now, 6 months later, I get a developer response saying it’s fixed. Glad you guys got right on that... (Said with heavy sarcasm). It took me almost 20 min to even find out how to read their reply among the 6,000 other reviews. I rated it 1 star again while searching. Also found a lot of people still unhappy with the app and a lot of apologies from the developer offering refunds. Seems like they still haven’t gotten their $h!+ together... Now they think I want a refund. I didn't pay anything for it. I don't need anything refunded. Just leave me alone and get over the fact that I don't want to use your stupid, f*cking app.

Ads every minute. No joke, full video ads.

There are ads every minute you use the app, they are full video. It is annoying when trying to explore the changes you are making on an image.


Really like this app just need more filters

Interesting and fun.

This app has improved quite a lot and the effects are now more realistic to explore and have fun with. The app could improve the experience by eliminating ads entirely even for free users, since it will make money from Pro version anyway. My previous Feb 2017 1-star review: You can use neural network and achieve many great things. This is not one of them. The Old version is full of artifacts. The Smile looks fake. The only merely acceptable one is gender switch.


This app is awesome you should get it!!!

Needless video ads in most recent update.

Thanks for overloading your once fun app with ads. Don’t waste your time downloading this garbage, you’ll watch ads every time you process a photo.

It's new

It's cool

Very bad

Can't load pictures

Incredibly fun!

It's really lot of fun, just wish the free version had more options, though I can imagine that making an app like this can't be a simple task.

Almost perfect but...

This app is tremendous especially for those of us who hate to smile in photos. There are a few additions and changes I would like to be made. First is that there needs to be different smiles of the overlays such as the teeth and beards. Maybe a couple of options to choose from would be nice. Also, and the most annoying thing about this app is the “collage only” requirement. Please please please remove that as a requirement. It’s extremely annoying and doesn’t make any sense.


A very cool app!


An ad that pops up every ten seconds makes this app impossible to use. Waste of time.

Please not buy

not buy this app. the pro functions are in other apps and free, honestly . do not throw your money in the trash👎👎👎


انا السعودي الوحيد الي محمل البرنامج

Best one

The best app. I love it.



Poor app

Bad interface, anti-intuitive.

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