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I need help

I am apparently signed up for a monthly sub? I don't want this. How do I stop it?


they shouldn’t make you pay for an app that’s not worth even paying for.

Purchase not worth it

Expected to be able to get full photos of all filters...why collage mode only still after buying?

belly laughs !!!!

Easy to use, fast and really funny!!! Also, I’m pretty hot as a guy!!!!

about it

very funny😂😂

How do I cancel the subscription??

How do I cancel the subscription??

Lots of fun

Lots of fun.



Does not work as promised

Got the $20 version, does not work as promised. Does not remove the watermark. Still forces you to use collage mode. How do I get a refund?

Love love love

It’s an awesome app. Especially on the “young” one. It looks just like I did when I was a teenager!!!


Alright y’all, I have questions + feedback. I am a blogger & I am OBSESSED with this App. HOWEVER. You would get hundreds of thousands of more subscribers if you tweaked the app. For example: I love the “impression” face; it thins my face out, airbrushed the blemishes, whitens my teeth, etc. THE DOWNSIDE, which is HUGE. It’s either edited x 73927382 and looks edited OR not edited at all. You need a little bubble on the right hand side that lets you adjust the edited-ness of the photo. I love using it on my husbands face, but the filter is too extreme and he looks looks like a woman, so I have never actually used it for a posted photo. PLEASE OFFER AN UPDATE WITH AN ADJUSTABLE FILTER, I beg of you!! Also! Other photo editing apps let you choose a face if the software does not detect one... like “perfect 365”, let the user be able to manually choose a face! This would have saved a few of my photos! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Want more free filterd

Wish more filters were available without going pro

Very old woman & I looked great

A very old Chinese woman & I (Scandinavian (Swedish) who would piss off white supremacists because I disprove the pure white master race garbage) looked great but my partner (also Scandinavian (Norwegian) Vikings who were the redheads who spread it around, not the Irish) looked terrible in every manipulated photo. Creepy, given bad teeth but he has great teeth he just doesn't show them when he smiles. Why do males do that? I took photos for his video conferencing and he looked great- didn't stop until there were natural, welcoming smiles. I'm trying to add a smile to unsmiling selfies showing new hair… we'll see. Devs- I need to know what the levels of in-app purchases are. Some list clearly what comes with lite or free and what additional costs get someone. I'll skip it if the offer is a week long trial period because I often miss out- sheesh, give people 7 tries instead of a week! If I don't understand I don't bother. It's worthwhile making it clear and not absurdly expensive. Experiment with the price and you'll figure out your profits aren't always at the most expensive.

Stole my money

I purchased the pro version & am only allowed the style filters & the other fun ones are only available in collage even after paying . Common now .

Mind blowing.

I am speechless.

Cool app


It's fun

I'm sure the novelty wears off quick but I'm liking it so far.

Subscription problem is fixed but...

What happened to the original smile feature? Why has Smile 2 officially replaced Smile 1? I know Smile 1 looks bad in some photos. But there have been some photos that I’ve edited, where I’ve managed to make Smile 1 look great! Please bring back Smile 1! And finally come out with a Female 3 filter that is much better and more realistic than the other two and doesn’t require a collage to save. Also, would be nice to have more Smile and different facial expression filters, including one that is a normal straight face filter that gets rid of or undoes other expressions. There’s also more female exclusive and both gender compatible filters that should be added. Like a realistic customizable face filter where you can change eye color, lip color, hair color, and etc. And have the result look realistic a believable. Adding more makeup, bangs, glasses, and hairstyles variety would also be nice. And lastly, a hair extension filter for girls with short length hair who want their hair to look longer without needing to actually wear hair extensions.




The female version doesn't work for me and doesn't even give me hair either. I hope you bring back spark because I was never able to use it since I downloaded the app after y'all removed it. Oh, I also hope in the near future we don't have to switch to college type pictures for the female filter. EDIT: I deleted the app almost a year ago but I'm reinstalling it now because I'm hoping Faceapp won't give me a dot on my forehead when I change my gender to female on the app. Thank you.

Face App

Great app!


Need more options, going pro is too expensive

Nice app

Really good photo editor so far no problems I found.

Face app

This app is stupid.

Lots of Fun!

This app allows you to create GIFs, and experiment with different looks! What would you look like as a man? With a beard? Try it!

Not worth the money

I bought this because of the Hollywood filter but noticed if you have 2 faces in a picture, half the other person’s face is filtered too. My other filter and photoshop apps don’t do that. Also, they need more filter options than the ones they have. Would like the option to tone down the makeup filter and Hollywood filter a bit so they don’t look so “fake”! Hoping subsequent updates make it worth the year I bought?! So far very disappointed.

20 dollars just to remove the stupid watermark

It struggles to register faces in my photos unless they’re looking straight at the camera, every two minutes an add plays, and the worst part is the premium is a monthly subscription or 20 dollars.

No faces

No f*********



Pro version doesn’t function

Bought the pro version for 1 month $.99 and the pro feature wouldn’t work so it lead me to purchase the year for $10.00 and still the pro feature isn’t working! I emailed the support team and they replied saying that the problem is fixed but it still isn’t working.


Nothing much to do on this. Less than basic.

Fast friendly service

I had a technical issue when I purchase the pro version and they fixed it right away Love this app worth every penny

It’s fine

I like the app but need some improvement


I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this! Love it!


Not worth upgrading to the Pro! I thought that I would be able to see the full body picture instead of the small collage box but nope!

Paid for the app but it only gives me access to the free version.

I decided to get the pro version and chose the yearly subscription. I was charged, yet it will not give me the pro version. Even though I paid, I have no access to the filters I paid for, only the free version.

A total rip off

Charged me for $20 for a year and never gave me pro... i want my money back

Paid & Still Can’t Unlock Pro Features

For some reason, although I’ve paid to use the pro version for one month and have unlimited access to the filters, it does not give me access. This is incredibly frustrating. Do not buy. By the way, for those of you attempting to purchase for the “Hollywood” filter, it’s not an actual filter they offer, even with payment. The closest to it is the “Impression” filter, which I still can’t give a review of because even with payment it won’t allow me to.


Amazing I love it

Just no

Ads are overwhelming. To many rules and restrictions for using the best stuff. Just no.


I always wondered what I could look like with Hollywood artist help❤️❤️💗

My friend said this was good

He hadn't updated. Does anyone know of an app that's like this but good?


Horribly annoying to use and once you have subscribed to a monthly subscription, you can’t unsubscribe.

Way too expensive!

Apps get greedier by the minute. Tons of ads plus a monthly subscription?


This is a fun app I enjoy playing around with the different impressions

Free, Fascinating, and Fun

My daughter posted stock photos of men whom she thinks she'd look like as a man. I took it one step further with Face App. My son and I are entertaining ourselves with Face App as I am typing. Get this app and have fun!

So much fun.

Love this app. Just wish it could also magically transform ME! LOL

One star for selection options

Well the app works ok in fun “free” version... subscription however is a waste of money. I thought that I would be able to access filters regardless of gender and the styles would be more. However, I was disappointed to find out that I only have access to the male face filters. For female face filters, I just have makeup. Tried to use my female friend’s photo to see if it would let me use the features, but was disappointed. What’s the use of subscription if you can’t really use it.


I downloaded this app after seeing advertised many times and loved how different pictures of myself and friends looked, especially with the Hollywood filter but really wish it wouldn’t only allow you to have a small square frame picture. This app needs to let you have the full picture of the Hollywood filter then I could for sure give it 5 Stars!

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