FaceApp: Neural Face Magic App Reviews

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Love this app.

Some filter apps have too much detail. This is quick and simple!

Love the app but continue to have problems

“We are sorry but we have received too many unauthorized requests from your network recently. Please log in to continue.” So I’ve logged in a million times, closed the app, updated the app, and it still won’t work. Love the app when it works.


This app is AWESOME!!!!

Horrible new version!

The previous version was more user friendly and didn’t have those weird filters that make you look like a completely different person. Uninstalling now.

Whyno Spark anymore???

I demand Spark filter back. That was my favorite filter of all. I have no idea what to use now, they all seem too much. Spark was the best, because it was an easy way to remove slight imperfections but remain yourself as yourself. Now they all seem too obvious. Thank you.

It was ok. Not a lot of options

So i tried the free trial, its just like meh. Not a lot of stuff to do. But it does remove the watermark if you have the pro version. If you’re considering the free option, dont do it cause there is little to none that you can do. You’re only limited to 1 out of 4 smile choices, 1 out of 5 hair color choices, 1 out of 4 hair style choices and 1 of 6 beard choices. Not much in there really. So 2 stars for free trial but its not something that made me go “wow this is awesome”

Kind of disappointed

When they updated the app it's so different sometimes doesn't allowed me to use itn

Best app

This app is like so awesome for the Hollywood thing it makes me beautiful!The apps never give you ads it’s the best game ever!Thank you for making this awesome app😊If your playing this game you will love it it’s for like teens and any age if your a kid that 5 you will like it to cause you get makeup and you can decorate celebs!My dad was shocked how good this game was if this game weren’t made I would be sad!But thankfully the inc made it!

Face changes!!

It’s a little hard to navigate if your not an iPhone”junkie” but I’m getting the hang of it !!

Definitely not for a Mocha complexion

I actually would have purchased this app if it was compatible with my complexion 😉

Not full photos anymore

This app use to be funny and fun. But now some of the filters are only zoomed in face shots and no longer allow full photo size function. Disappointed


Need some updates, but is awesome. If you can get premium version, do it. Super Recommend!!!


Hace magia

brie larson made this app great again

if you know what I’m talking about, you know that the FaceApp smile is what everyone’s looking for today! absolutely iconic

How to cancel auto renewal

How to cancel subscription through Apple iTunes: 1. Go into settings Under Apple ID, Icloud, iTunes ... 2. Look for and go into iTunes & App Store. 3. Tap Apple ID 4. Then hit “View Apple ID” 5. Scroll down to “subscriptions“ 6. There you will find your Subscriptions. You can either cancel them at that time or choose to renew.

Can’t choose face

What happened to the feature that allows you to choose the person to edit

Unauthorized charge

Great app except you guys charged my credit card without my authorization. I wanted to try the free version. Wasn’t my thing. Check my email a couple days later and it said you guys helped yourself to my money. What kind of garbage is that? That SHOULD and ALWAYS require the users permission. Bad bad bad. I made a complaint and am awaiting my money to be returned. Scammers.

Love this App!

Finally a perfect selfie. This has just changed EVERYTHING! There is no more bad pictures. Pure genius.


Help I want to cancel

Used to be great

I got this app soon after it came out and absolutely loved it. On top of all the amazing effects I liked the layout and ease to find everything. I realized I hadn't updated recently (mine still had just the emojis) and it was glitching so I reinstalled it to find the new layout to be absolutely terrible. The organization is garbage and instead of just having the small emojis now there's big obstrusive pictures of people. I was also disappointed to find that when I used a filter it included the original picture to left with an obtrusive arrow at the bottom. Not to mention the filters look much worse now. The previous way where only the new photo is shown was better as you got to see a bigger photo and could see the original by simply tapping and holding the edited picture. The side by side is pointless as well because there's already an option to put multiple edits together. Furthermore, getting the pro version is even more in your face then before which is just plain annoying. Great app, but wrong direction in my opinion.

To many pros

It’s not good at basic

Please help

I bought the one month subscription but I want to cancel it but I don’t know how. I’ve gone into settings but there isn’t a way to cancel it. Please help.


I got my haircut


One of my favorite apps and they always make awesome updates. Thank you for making a fun app that allows your to edit images the way you want. Love!!!!


I lie the app but I don’t like how you have to pay for all the filters.

Love it! Thanks


Not impressed with app or support

Maybe it’s my age, but I was tired of this app after playing with one picture. Then I’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out how I don’t get charged $19.99 in three days. Pretty short trial period. Also where do you go to cancel the automatic renewal? There sure is no information on the app or on the website to help. Still waiting to see what an email to their support department does.

Learning changes

I love it but sometimes I can’t figure out all the changes I can make. It’s a lot of fun though.


Why does an app like this have monthly payments? Oh yea, because the developers are scummy and want to make you pay more then this app is worth.





Only one face

When you want to change a picture that has several faces, you can’t . It only changes one face.

Charged full year sub

There wasn’t an unsubscribe button from the trial and so I deleted the app. That didn’t do it and they charged me a full year subscription.

Best photo manipulation app ever!

This is honestly one of the most entertaining and surprisingly effective app on the market! You get what advertised and more! Suggestions: Bring back the race change filters The majority of us had no problem with them! See if you can make the male and female into full sized filters. I understand if you can’t.

It’s a shame

It’s a cool app however it doesn’t have much to Improvise with different styles it would be a five star app if it had more styles to choose from.

Too much money

Fun app but $3.99 a month is ridiculous. I would have paid $3.99 total but i’m not paying a monthly subscription for a gimmick app.

Needs more free features

There’s not a ton you can do without paying. Still a great app tho!


This app is good for processing time. Very quick at making selection changes. Disappointed that only ONE choice available under each category in the free app. It does show multiple choices if u purchase the PRO package. I do not like dangled carrots.

Love this app

Awesome 👏

New update rip off

I understand developers must make money but this app is just to add some small twitches to photos and I think it’s ridiculous to charge monthly or even yearly fee. I was going to pay to upgrade like every other app in which a flat fee is the only requirement, but when I saw the ridiculous prices to just upgrade to add a haircut to a person or a smile, I deleted the app. Come on guys, you aren’t providing video editing, a scientific app, or anything useful for a daily life to charge people so much for this! Charge 2.99 or whatever for the whole app and people will get it. I don’t think anyone in the right mind will pay a monthly fee to add a smile to a photo or change hair colors


ارجو اضافة المزيد من التطبيقات الذكية والالعاب



Total Cash Grab!

The free version only has about 4-5 free filters... Everything else is paid and filled with ADs.

Awesome but could use change

Hi I have only 1 downside to the app... That is that the App Store calls FaceApp a 4+ app. When really some of the filters do swear a lot of the time... So I think the app should change that rating but otherwise pretty good app 👍

Change for the worst

They just changed all filters and the new ones are unusable. Pics look way too fake and plastic. Please revert.

Please bring back original features

Please bring back features you had to accompany what you now have. It is disappointing! Thanks.

Face App Failure!!

What happened to the Hollywood filter where I could filter each face, save the photo, do all the faces, then Save & post? Going to cancel my subscription& huge FAIL in your part Face App!!!WiChic1022

Can’t figure out how to pick my face

Before the update you were allowed to pick which face you wanted to edit, but now it automatically picks the one for you and I can’t figure out how to pick the other one (in need of help)

Too cool

Love Amazing

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